I have finally got my blog up and working!  I admit it’s looking a bit sparse – and I’m still working out how to do various things – like how to put links down the side to other people’s blogs/ interesting websites etc etc but it is up and running! 

I’m planning to use this blog to talk about poetry – my own and other peoples.  I hope you enjoy it, and that someone reads it apart from my mum and dad who have to read it otherwise I will sulk!


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  1. I’ve read it, Kim and apart from being gratified by your enthusiam about the reading and workshop I want to say how much I endorse what you say about the need for women’s networks . Women are gradually being more recognised in the poetry world but not enough. We need more women editors and more women decision-makers in publishing. I am worried too about the position of women generally and of course the situation in many parts of the world is still appalling. I have a booklet being published by Second Light in May called ‘What Women Want’. Part of it is lyric/general poetry but the larger section is very much about women and attitudes to women.

  2. Hi Myra
    Thanks very much for reading and taking the time to comment. I’m hoping to discuss these issues in more detail on here at some point…. And I will definately look out for your pamphlet. It sounds very interesting and right up my street.
    Best wishes

    • Hello Kim,
      I’ve just seen this – I much hope to discuss these issues with you too. I’ll be letting you know hen the pamphlet is available – next month! I am just looking at the final proofs. I will email the cover to you.
      Myra x

  3. Hi Kim
    I hope you had a safe journey back from Ireland and that you enjoyed the experience? Elbow Lane Inn is a fine place to listen to the works of others and to share your own work. I hope you will come back to us again

    All the best
    Jennifer (from Wigton)

    • Hi Jennifer
      Just realised I haven’t replied to this yet! I had a brilliant time, and I’m due back at the festival next year, so I will see you all again! Let me know if you are ever back in Wigton, we can meet for a cup of tea!

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