Poetry Workshop


Poetry Workshop, Barrow Library, May 5th, 1.00pm – 3.30pm, £10

I’ve been wanting to set up a poetry workshop in Barrow for ages.  We don’t really have many poetry readings or workshops happening in Barrow.  A Poem And A Pint (www.apoemandapint.co.uk) which is a poetry organisation of which I am a committee member organises various readings in South Lakeland where we bring guest poets to the area and we have ran events in Barrow, but most events tend to be around the Ulverston area.  Audiences have generally been smaller in Barrow as well for the events that we have ran there.  Maybe this is why not much is going on in Barrow, poetry wise. 

 Kate Davis, a local poet is setting up a new open mic night in Barrow – the inaugral one will be at The Haven Cafe in Barrow on May 4th, so it feels like there are things that are starting to happen.  I’ve also had a couple of enquiries about poetry workshops for beginners, and realised there isn’t anything of the sort in Barrow – there is Fourth Monday poets in Ulverston, where you can bring a poem to be critiqued by the group, but there are no reading/writing groups for poets that are just starting out. 

So I’ve been down to Barrow Library today and hired a room for the afternoon of May 5th.  I’m going to run a workshop from 1.00pm till 3.30pm.  It will be aimed at beginner writers, or less confident writers but I think more advanced poets will get something out of it too.  It will cost £10 per person.  This is to cover room hire and to pay me, as I’ll be the tutor. 

Places are going to be limited, so if you are reading this and think you would like to come, please contact me on here and book your place. 

The workshop will consist of relaxed, fun exercises to get people writing and there will be time to share work that is produced during the session.

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