Roy Marshall composes a Poem instead of a Review of ‘If We Could Speak Like Wolves’


Roy Marshall, who was one of the first ‘Sunday Poets’ I featured on this blog, sent me my first review of my pamphlet in the shape of a poem by email today, and kindly said I could put it on my blog. 

Thanks Roy! 

Instead of a Review
For Kim

Her poem chills the bones
like cloud shadow
sliding a door across a lake.

These two taste salty;
one of sea salt
one of sweat.

This one is the heat and smell
of the pub extractor fan,
this is sparkling wine in a garden

and this a Love Heart sweet
offered by a little girl
with dirty hands and face.

This one moves from a bird’s eye view
to a pew and back out
to space.

This one hurts my eye,
this one holds
and takes my breath.

This one is horses
in a misty field,
the smaller one resting
on the big ones neck.

Roy Marshall

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