Inpress Poetry Garden Market


This is just going to be a short post, as I am actually meant to be packing.  I also need to shower so that I don’t turn up to London all stinky. 


Tomorrow, I’m off to the Southbank in London to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Inpress.  There are readings from 1.25pm.  I’m reading for 15 minutes at 2.10pm  – but there are lots of other really interesting poets – I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Hannah Lowe as I really enjoyed her Rialto pamphlet, but also looking forward to hearing Rhian Edwards – Hilda Sheehan recommended her to me…


Then there are drop in workshops between 3-6pm run by the Poetry School and then a birthday party at 8pm.  All of this is free and is taking place on the lawn outside Foyles.  I’ll be getting the 7.29 train from Barrow and hoping that they all run on time!


I hope to see some of you there – If you need any more information check out the website at




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