Go to the poets – they will speak to thee


I can’t believe it is already nearly the end of May. I hope lots of you can join me for this event on Wednesday 26th May with the brilliant poet Wendy Pratt. The open mic is now full, but still plenty of tickets left for you to come and relax in your own homes and listen to a stunning evening of poetry! Tickets are £5, but we also have some free ones available if you are on a low income, please contact Hannah Catterall at Wordsworth Grasmere if you need a free ticket on h.catterall@wordsworth.org.uk.

More information about the event here – An Evening with Wendy Pratt – Wordsworth Grasmere

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  1. Hello Kim I hope you’re well? ‘Busy’ doesn’t appear to be an issue. I met you at the Grange-over-Sands retreat/course a couple of years ago. I was there with my friend John Foggin. I wrote to you some months ago in the hope that you might be able to mentor me? I gather that’s something you sometimes do with 71 year-old aspiring poets… Please let me know. I quite understand, obviously, if you don’t have time. Best wishes Andy

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