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  1. Hello, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve read you in a few magazines. Congratulations on all your recent successes. Wonderful to be able to make contact with you and your work. Your description of the Parnassus is very moving and inspiring.

    • Hi Josephine
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the blog! It’s so lovely to find someone is out there. And thanks very much for the congratulations.
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Kim

    Read your article on remembrance sunday and having just moved to Barrow and looking for a brass band to play with felt disheartened.

    It goes further than brass bands I’m afraid. The absolute lack of adult musicianship in this area is appalling. No Brass bands, no Big Bands no wind bands – absolutely disgraceful. There is a plethora of school bands and excellent junior musical talent in Barrow that they must be able to channel their talents into more senior bands.

    We have to travel over an hour to find any of the above and even then……

    The most disappointing thing is that, as a child, I remember the shipyard band as being a force to be reckoned with and now actually working in the shipyard I find the band is no more.


    • Hi Leonard

      Welcome to Barrow first of all! It is a real shame about the Shipyad band and the lack of bands in the area for adults. There is the Steelworks, Dalton Band and Askam Band-I think all of them apart from Dalton are struggling for players. A lot of the young peopke I teach turn 18 and go off to uni-this is a big part of the problem I guess. But I also think that brass bands need to be willing to change and adapt-when the Shipyard band was running it was impossible to get the kids to stay for rehearsal because the music the senior band played was too hard for them-there was no consideration towards them. And maybe adults are too busy now to commit to two practices a week-I don’t know. These are all just theories. Anyway, if you ever fancy coming down to rehearse and help out with the juniors it would be lovely to see you!

  3. Hi Kim, I hope you are fully on the mend. I really enjoyed reading your blog and the Sunday poem from Laura Potts is deliciously rich in powerful verbs with just the right amount of poetic indulgence.
    I would like to send you a poem of my own if that would be of interest to you? For now I am going to read more from this very impressive site and if you wish to visit my page I am to be found here..http://www.poetrybydavidratcliffe.com
    Now to go read more from yourself…
    David Ratcliffe

  4. Thanks for the read at the Arvon Centre this summer. It was evokative and memorable. I will certainly use Barrow to Sheffield with my IGCSE Literature students. Blessings David 🙂

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